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We provide a range of Internet services that include web hosting,domain names, e-mail solutions, data storage, web design and cloud hosting to mention just a few.
We hope you will enjoy browsing the rest of the site to discover what we can do for you and your company.

We can design your website and provide hosting and a domain name. If you understand what we’re talking about then great if not, never mind we are here to explain what a domain name is, what hosting and the rest of it is, that is if you want to know, if you just want a website then talk to Tony.

We can show you ways to generate income from your website this will help off set the cost and can go on to earn extra profit.
This is achieved through advertising. With our knowledge and expertise your website will promote your business at very low cost and could cost nothing.

We can show you how to get the best from social media like face book and Twitter.
You tube video production we can show you or produce movies for you. How to get better ranking in search engines so your website can be found by potential customers.